November 12–17, 2020


Online event

Join us this fall for a one-of-a-kind online event bringing together cybersecurity professionals and enthusiasts alike.

The Standoff includes:

  • A battle for control over digital replicas of real-life IT infrastructure, fought between teams of professional hackers and defenders
  • A security operations center for monitoring all the battle action
  • A conference featuring panels and talks by information security specialists, with key topics including:
    • Security technologies for banking and processing systems
    • Modern approaches to hardware security
    • IoT, AI, digital ID, and other trends driving IT
  • Open chats with competition participants and experts—tune in, listen, ask questions, and join the discussion!
  • Hacking livestreams with real-time specialist commentary
  • Other online activities with conference partners, supported by our experts

Join us at The Standoff on November 12–17, 2020. Be part of a worldwide experience!

What is The Standoff?

The Standoff is a cyber-range platform launched by IT and information security experts committed to advancing the development of truly secure IT infrastructure.

The project provides a unique simulation testbed to demonstrate the possible impacts of cybercrime on the high-tech infrastructure of a modern city. The Standoff makes it possible to understand the complex interrelationships of today’s IT infrastructure, exposing the underlying vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers. The virtual city of The Standoff contains the same elements (and accompanying vulnerabilities) as a real city: there are industrial facilities, power plants, banks, offices, mobile operators, transportation systems, sports infrastructure, entertainment facilities, and more. At The Standoff, the sky is the limit.

The platform

The Standoff provides a platform for competing teams to play out a full spectrum of real-world cybersecurity scenarios, simulate full testing cycles, and in just a few days recreate events that would take years in real life. The platform contains full-fidelity models of IT infrastructure and business systems, as well as technical processes such as oil refining, power generation, and smart city IoT systems. All these complex models are controlled by the same technologies actually used in real facilities and cities around the world. Most importantly, the infrastructure of The Standoff is flexible and constantly changing: what it looks like tomorrow depends on all the unpredictable decisions made out in the world, as well as on your individual actions.

Connect your IT systems to our cyber-range and make sure your business is secure
Strengthen the skills of your IT security team in a cybercompetition with models of real-life targets

In an IT world full of unpredictable and ever-evolving threats, all computer systems need protection. Whether you want to test your factory software against cyberattacks, check for vulnerabilities in your banking system, or are concerned about gaps in the security of your corporate networks, The Standoff is the solution for you!

The Standoff is a secure sandbox environment able to precisely simulate the customer’s IT infrastructure. As part of The Standoff, skilled penetration testers are invited to attempt to breach that infrastructure by uncovering potential vulnerabilities. In these cyberwarfare exercises, your actual IT systems are not threatened in any way; only a virtual replica of the infrastructure is under attack. You are free to play out even the most unlikely or dangerous scenarios—say, test a nuclear power plant against a destructive hacker attack or examine how well an airport’s control systems cope with EMP radiation.

Your infrastructure at The Standoff will not be left undefended, of course. A Blue Team of professional cybersecurity experts will work to anticipate and counteract the actions of the Red Team. In the process, the strengths and vulnerabilities of your system will be identified, a risk assessment report will be prepared, and optimal countermeasures will be suggested.

Your own team of security specialists may also participate in the challenge, filling the role of your Blue Team. They are guaranteed to come away from The Standoff with valuable experience defending genuine infrastructure systems.

Put your skills to the test as a hacker or defender on our virtual battlefield

What if you could safely and ethically test your hacking skills on a platform containing digital copies of genuine infrastructure? Are you excited by the idea of pentesting corporate networks, factories, and data centers, working against security systems supplied by real businesses wishing to test their IT infrastructure? Are your pentesters eager for new challenges?

Then register for the Red Team and test your hacking skills on our virtual battlefield!

Do you want to train your security team and hone their reactions to cyberattacks? Are you looking to stay up to date on the latest exploits targeting IT vulnerabilities? Or perhaps you’d like to test your own skills defending network systems against professional hackers from around the world employing cutting-edge techniques?Then don’t hesitate to register for the Blue Team and be a defender on The Standoff’s cyber-range platform!

The Standoff offers both attackers and defenders a unique chance to test their skills on digital copies of genuine IT infrastructure. These copies are supplied by real businesses wishing to put their security systems to the test.

Looking for teammates?
We can help!

Watch teams of IT specialists battle for control over real-life targets
Participate in live discussions with cybersecurity experts and enthusiasts

The battle between hackers and security specialists goes on around us every day, yet few of us get a chance to see this epic struggle from the inside. Have you ever wanted to witness attackers and defenders pull out all the stops in a «live fire» environment? With The Standoff, that just became possible.

The Standoff is a platform on which security experts conduct penetration testing on digital models of genuine infrastructure supplied by businesses. The platform is equipped with bona fide IT infrastructure, such as the data systems and Internet of Things networks used in industrial facilities, power plants, and city transportation. During the competition, hackers and defenders test the limits of these systems and identify potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited in real life.

As a viewer, you get an inside look into modern cybersecurity in a real-life environment. Come and witness the latest hacker exploits, along with the best methods to counteract them!

In addition to the competition, join us for engaging presentations on cybersecurity given by top professionals and meet other IT enthusiasts. Visit us online to register for the first fully virtual iteration of The Standoff. The battle is on!

The format

With The Standoff’s new online format, it doesn’t matter whether you’re in Moscow, New York, Tokyo, or Timbuktu! Political barriers are erased in the global battle against cybercrime. Our new online platform will preserve all the advantages of offline communication while adding the flexibility and convenience of a digital format. Yup, that means The Standoff just got even more awesome!

While we continue to prepare the cybersecurity event of the year, you can warm up and jump in by sampling the pre-event activities that we’ll be launching over the coming months. Some of them will be directly linked with The Standoff and give you a head start over the competition. Other activities, aimed at beginners, will provide an introduction to the basics of the vast world of cybersecurity.


Krassimir Tzvetanov
Krassimir Tzvetanov
Graduate Research Assistant, Purdue University

SailfishOS: forensic artifacts

This presentation shows the mapping of the digital artifacts pertinent to investigation, which can be found on the file system of a phone running SailfishOS 3.2.

Lawrence Amer
Lawrence Amer
Vulnerability Researcher, PwC's DarkLab

Red teaming simulation: unique attacks of lateral movements

The audience will learn about techniques of lateral movements and about tools that help red teams in their operations.

Maria Nedyak
Maria Nedyak
Developer, BI.ZONE

How to hack medical imaging applications via DICOM

The speaker will present the most interesting security bugs in the DICOM technology for medical imaging.

Nikhil Mittal
Nikhil Mittal
Security Consultant, Payatu Software Labs Participation in conferences: 36C3 and PHDays

My hacking adventures with Safari's reader mode

The talk covers some major flaws in Safari's reader mode which result in security policy bypass.

Sergey Gordeychik
Sergey Gordeychik
Internationally recognized security expert

Vulnerabilities of machine learning infrastructure

The speaker will present results of hands-on vulnerability research of different components of AI infrastructure; updated Internet Census toolkit based on the Grinder framework will be also introduced.