A platform to search for vulnerabilities and ways to trigger unacceptable events: hackers practice their skills and earn real money while businesses enhance their cyberresilience. It's a win–win for all.
Азбука вкуса
Азбука вкуса₽0–100,000Reward
STF BankConducts financial transactions between individuals and organizations, carries out bank-to-bank transfers, and provides online banking services
Hello World SystemsA company with the underlying IT infrastructure: a mail server, web applications, ERP and CRM systems, and other services
Big Bro GroupProduces electricity to supply the needs of the population and to power several large production facilities
Master your skills at any time by exploring copies of IT systems used in a wide range of industries. Will you be able to go all the way from the first discovered vulnerability to a cyberblow with catastrophic consequences?
August 23
Loft Hall, Moscow
An open meetup for The Standoff community. Hackers talk about their research, hardcore pentests, and sophisticated vulnerabilities and share their thoughts and experience with the community. No advertising. No banality. Only profit and fun.
Who will be there?
The Reds and the Blues
Pentesters and bug bounty hunters
Experienced Standoff participants
What will be there?
Talks on offensive and defensive security
Discussions, tutorials, and networking
Cozy loft with food and drinks
The biggest cyberbattle
May 16–19, 2022
Held in conjunction with
Hackers search for vulnerabilities in corporate and industrial IT infrastructures, while cybersecurity experts work to prevent unacceptable events, gaining valuable experience. Thousands of viewers. Unexpected solutions. Intense emotions.
Real infrastructure
Just like in real life: power stations, plants, banks, planes, trains
Talented researchers
157 top-level hackers smashing the infrastructure of the virtual state
Actual threats
100 unacceptable events that have occurred in real life