Standoff 11 recapped

Top-notch researchers tested how well the virtual State F's infrastructure was protected.

Cyberbattle highlights

Day one results
Day two results
Cyberbattle overview: Part I
Cyberbattle overview: Part II
Day three results
Cyberbattle overview: Part III
Cyberbattle final results
Cyberbattle overview: Part IV

Standoff 11 takeaways

What is the Standoff 11 cyberbattle?
What is the Standoff 11 cyberbattle?

Standoff 11 is a competition in the form of cyberexercises for infosec specialists to test security systems used in a variety of industries.


The virtual battleground is State F. The red teams of attackers search for vulnerabilities in the state's infrastructure and attempt to trigger non-tolerable events. The blue teams of defenders, on the other hand, will detect attacks and investigate incidents as quickly as possible.

What was Standoff 11 like?
What was Standoff 11 like?

In 2023, Standoff 11 was held over four days:

  • On May 17–18, the closed-door part of the cyberbattle took place. The hackers identified some vulnerabilities in the infrastructure and triggered the first non-tolerable events.
  • On May 19–20, the hacker castle on the Gorky Park embankment opened its doors to all visitors so that they could watch the attackers and defenders go head-to-head at the cyberrange.
When is the next cyberbattle?
When is the next cyberbattle?

Standoff is an annual event. Before the new dates are announced, you can participate in other activities that take place 24/7/365:

  • Standoff 365 Bug Bounty programs. Bug Bounty is a chance to earn rewards by finding vulnerabilities and ways to realize non-tolerable events in systems of real companies.
  • Cyberrange exercises. The cyberrange is a virtual model of a state that emulates real-life production and business processes so that you can get hands-on hacking experience and practical insights.
What is Innostage CyberART?
What is Innostage CyberART?

Innostage CyberART is a cyberthreat prevention center that will function as a global security operations center (SOC) at Standoff 11.

The expert team will:

  • Set up and maintain the cyberrange infrastructure and information security tools.
  • Judge the red and blue teams.
  • Monitor incidents and analyze attack chains.

Cyberbattle results

Battle finished


Most targeted

Banking system


Heavy Logistics

City Housing & Utilities

Electric power industry

Atomic Energy


69 attacks
45 investigations

Attacker leaderboard

PlaceTeam Event points  Vulnerability pointsTotal
Triggered 46 non-tolerable events
Triggered 28 non-tolerable events
Triggered 12 non-tolerable events
Triggered 21 non-tolerable events
Triggered 17 non-tolerable events

What is PHDays?

Positive Hack Days is a cybersecurity forum that gathers infosec experts from around the world. In 2023, for the first time in its history, the forum was an open cyberfestival for the public with dedicated zones for professionals.

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